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Bowls 5 Outdoor – March – September

  • Meets: Tuesday and Friday 10:00 – 12:00
  • Venue: Rode Heath Bowling club, Sandbach Road, Rode Heath
  • Cost: All fees are paid to Rode Heath Bowling club
  • Contact:

Bowling is a great game that provides us with exercise, social contact, comradeship & lots of fun in the fresh airgiven these difficult times it also helps to boost your mental health, what more could you ask for?The aim of crown green bowls is to roll a set of two bowls from the hand towards a smaller target bowl known as the jack. Rolling the bowl or jack is known as the delivery. When delivering a bowl or jack, the player must place one foot on a mat to ensure that all bowls and jack are sent from the same spot. A full game comprises a number of ends. The aim of an end is for a player to finish with their own bowls closer to the jack than those of the opponent. For each bowl that is closer than those of the opponent, a player scores one point. Each player usually has two bowls allowing a maximum of two points on each end, in a singles game. The winner of the end delivers the jack in the next end. Games are played as singles or doubles i.e. 2 people or 4 people, the first player or team, in the case of a doubles, to accumulate 21 points wins the game. It can also be played on a number of ends or an allotted time basis. Competitive League Games are usually played between two players i.e. singles.

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