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Knitting and Crochet

Knitting and Crochet Group’s Benefits are three-fold: First of all for our members to learn the techniques, both basic and advanced, of knitting and crochet. To do this involves teaching by those who have a particular skill, learning by others. We also use resources like the internet, books and patterns – sometimes, in the case of the latter, these are vintage or shared ones. Absolute beginners are welcome to the group as are people who are already proficient. Secondly, it is well-recognised that knitting and crochet are therapeutic. Both skills can be used as a distraction from physical pain as well as from stress and anxiety. Giving your hands something to do is an absolute boon when you feel restless; the repetitive act of making stitches is soothing, using some lovely, soft, colourful yarn is cheering, and a difficult pattern is great for adding a few new neural connections in the brain.

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