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Covid cases

According to the BBC, Cheshire East has 100-199 new cases per 100,000 population in the latest week (viewed 30 September), which is the category just below 200-299 where areas are in local lockdown.  The Prime Minister's briefing the same evening showed alarming increases in cases and hospitalisations in the North West. For the week beginning 20 September (government website) there were 0-2 new cases in Alsager East and 4 new cases in Alsager West.  So please keep vigilant and careful.  But they also stressed that if you need to go to hospital for any reason you must still go.

New store opening

Bunty's of Alsager opened on Thursday 1 October, selling all sorts of branded toys.  Next to the Post Office.  Good luck with the new venture.

Lodge Road scheme

Town councillors discussed this scheme at their meeting last week.  They are unconvinced that the project meets its objectives, and are aware of problems being caused at Pikemere Road.   Cheshire East is aware of this and will monitor traffic here to see if additional measures are needed (eg traffic calming).  They also acknowledge that there has long been a need for a safe crossing at Sandbach Road North/Lodge Road, and want to improve matters at this junction.  You can still make your comments about this scheme  here.

The Manor House

The planning application for a garden spa development has now been approved by Cheshire East.  The original application included development in the green belt but the latest proposals are all within the Alsager settlement area.  The garden spa development includes the installation of the following:  a garden pavilion, panoramic sauna, garden steam room and herbal steam room/sauna.  All structures would be single storey ranging from 3.7m to 4.3m in height at their maximum.  The other external features include a vitality pool and areas of hardstanding. 

Alsager Public Realm

At its meeting last week the Town Council considered extensive proposals for changes to Alsager town centre public realm.  

During the preparation of the Alsager Neighbourhood Plan much research was conducted into how best to improve Alsager town centre, which resulted in a Neighbourhood Plan policy on the town centre public realm.  The Town Council then funded landscape architects Xanthe Quayle to take this policy as a starting point, discuss with the Public Realm Working Group, and come up with proposals which would realise the vision of the Neighbourhood Plan.  Xanthe Quayle worked over the period September 2019 to January 2020 and their final proposals, supported by the Public Realm Working group, were then submitted to Alsager Town Council.  This vision is encapsulated within 6 presentation boards which will form the basis of a consultation with residents (both virtual and physical).  The total cost of the proposals would be in the region of £6 million.

The Town Council agreed that these proposals should go to residents for consultation, and the Public Realm Working group was asked to develop proposals for managing the consultation.  Some councillors believed that the consultation should wait until the Covid threat is over, but others felt consultation should go ahead to ensure that the town is ready to take advantage of any funding opportunities which may become available.

In summary the principal proposals are as follows:

A clearer definition of the town centre space

  • Gateways at Crewe Road/Hall Drive and Lawton Road/Shady Grove as well as on Sandbach Road North/Lodge Road and Sandbach Road South/Railway Station
  • Different road and pavement surface within this area – using high quality materials

Reclaim the road prioritising pedestrians over drivers

  • 20 mph speed limit
  • Narrow carriageways where necessary to increase width of pavements
  • More pedestrian crossings
  • Minimise crossing distances
  • Remove access from Crewe Road to rear car parks (replace by access from Fairview)
  • Tighten turning radii at junctions to reduce crossing distance and slow turning traffic

Create a sense of place and improve the visitor experience

  • Improve physical and visual access from street to Milton Gardens, St Mary's and the Civic
  • Promote and improve walking routes into and around the town centre
  • Use of high quality materials and street furniture in keeping with the identified character areas of the West End, Milton Park and East End
  • Use of public art to explore and celebrate local traditions and skills, including a multi-use pavilion in Milton Park
  • Improve legibility of the town centre through better signage

Specific issues and proposals for identified areas  

  • West End
  • Milton Park
  • Bank Corner
  • Ashmores Lane

Road closures

Two substantial sets of road closures are about to be introduced  in Alsager, with diversions in place for both.

Hassall Road

Improvements to make sure Alsager's water treatment works can cope with new housing in the town are about to start and will continue until 2023.  As a result Hassall Road is due to be closed in both directions near the treatment works for around two weeks at the end of October and a 30 mph temporary speed limit will also be introduced for several months.  Hassall Road is due to be closed entirely from Monday 26 October to Friday 6 November (autumn half term holiday).  I think this is only from the junction with Heathend Road since the diversion will be via Pikemere Road.

Sandbach Road South/Audley Road

Virgin Media will be installing new connections and the road will be closed around the station area from Saturday 24 October to Sunday 1 November.

Clean air day

Thursday 8 October is Clean Air Day and Cheshire East are urging all residents to take action to reduce air pollution.  Suggestions as follows:

  • Do not drive – use other forms instead
  • If driving, do not idle your engine
  • Walk or cycle on side streets to avoid polluted main roads
  • Try out an electric vehicle
  • Only burn dry, well-seasoned wood or smokeless fuel on stoves, open fires or barbeques

Farmers Market, Rode Hall

The market is tentatively starting up again on Saturday 3 October, from 9 am to 1.30 pm.  It is highly covid-conscious and will be pared back with about 50 stallholders.  There will be a one-way system, 2m social distancing, and masks will be required.  This is to be a shop-and-go experience rather than a meet-up with friends.

Community policing

I am sure, like me, you will have received a letter from David Keane, Cheshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, informing us about their latest community policing initiative.  Alsager will now have a dedicated PC (Kerrie Cummings) and a dedicated PCSO (Oli Branfield) at a community base (Alsager Fire Station).  There will also be some funding to support their work.  The aim is to build relationships within the community, solving problems at their root cause before becoming more serious.  They can be contacted online, through social media or face-to-face during police surgeries.  I am sure we would all welcome this initiative and welcome Kerrie and Oli.

Alsager Community Support Centre

ACSC has now re-opened and can see clients face-to-face to offer a free, local and confidential service for people in Alsager, Scholar Green, Rode Heath, Church Lawton and surrounding areas.  Covid measures are in place.  Opening times are Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9.30 am – 12.30 pm.  The helpline is open 9-5, Monday to Friday, on 01270 876605, or email

Sarah Anderson

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