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7 days to 24 October (Rolling rate = cases per 100,000 population)

Alsager West – 40 cases (up 21) Rolling rate 704.2
Alsager East – 18 cases (up 8) Rolling rate 275.4
England Rolling rate about 270

Here is the  online map  for getting up to date figures for your postcode.

Alsager West is emerging as a hot spot, with much higher cases than other local areas.  That said, Cheshire East leader Sam Corcoran is not asking for Cheshire East to be put into Tier 3, believing that the infection level does not warrant it.  Also, note that GPs are continuing to see people, both virtually and face-to-face.  Do not fail to contact your GP if you have health concerns.

Nevertheless the increase in Alsager cases is real and rapid, and we must take appropriate actions.  Keep safe.

Half term meals

Just so that you know, Cheshire East has given vouchers for food for all children in receipt of free school meals.  So we can be proud of our council.  As I am sure you know our MP, Fiona Bruce, voted against providing free school meals during the holiday.

Ethical banking

Alsager Town Council already uses an ethical bank to manage its funds, and is now seeking another ethical bank to manage the funds of Alsager Institute.  Ethical banks ensure their clients' money is invested only in socially and morally positive ways rather than in ventures that could be deemed detrimental to society.

Cheshire Voices for Equality

Earlier in the summer there were protests in Sandbach against racism, under the Black Lives Matter banner.  The group responsible for the protests have now grown to over 900 members and they have formally constituted themselves as a non-profit unincorporated association with the name Cheshire Voices for Equality Association (CVEA).  They have broadened their remit to focus on equality and inclusivity more generally, including race, LGBTQ+, disability, women, and the traveller and gypsy community.  This enables them to work in a more official capacity and to partner with other organisations with similar aims.

Alsager Town Football Club

ATFC, based at Wood Park, is wanting to develop more community ties with Alsager and its residents, and one of its first plans is to build a new clubhouse and increase the number of parking spaces from 30 to 60.  A new supporters club has been created, and it is hoped that the clubhouse can also become a community facility.

Wesley Place

Wesley Place will be holding their Christmas Tree festival virtually this year.  Organisations taking part will be encouraged to take photos of their decorated tree and post them online.

Things to do

Please see here  free classes  on RVS Virtual Village Hall.  There are some great ideas on the link for things to do. Do explore it. There's something for everyone.

Sarah Anderson

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