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Local News 27

Covid vaccination

Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS) has set up a website page  here  to explain the local vaccination programme and provide answers to FAQs.  

Posted on Facebook on 11 January

The 13 club is being used for the whole health community area.

Our SMASH (Sandbach, Middlewich, Alsager, Scholar Green & Haslington) vaccination programme has started. We have had 2 very successful days at our Alsager site. We have vaccinated almost 1200 people including 300 nursing home residents from all over SMASH.  We have had no serious reactions and we are now quite happy with the vaccine and procedures for handling it. We have had hundreds of thank yous from patients and some constructive comments which is helpful.

Next week (wc 11 January) we are planning on running 4 clinics at Alsager and 4 at our Middlewich site.  We are one of the few PCNs (Primary Care Networks) in the country that have been allowed to operate from more than one site and although we were not the first to start vaccinating, we should now effectively get twice the vaccine of other PCNs!  Due to welcome legal changes we are also planning on distributing some vaccine to the practices for them to vaccinate the remaining residential home patients and to start on the housebound (still some technical issues here that need sorting).  We are hoping that some of our practices may start doing their own mini clinics at their own sites as well as running our mass sites though this will depend on ongoing supplies of AZ vaccine.

As previously we are working down the priority groups and you will be invited by SMS or phone call. On the day – the biggest comment we would have is don't turn up early for your appointment, especially if you are booked in the first couple of hours as it can generate queues which in this weather no-one wants.

Update from Alsager Chronicle (14 January)

For the SMASH network, vaccinations have so far been given as follows:

3653 (over 80)
3244 (75-79)
4384 (70-74)
312 (residents of care homes)

A total of 56,500 to be vaccinated in the different priority groups.  It is expected that all over 80s will be done by the end of next week and all over 75s will be done within the next two to three weeks.

Beware vaccination scams

Beware scams connected to COVID19 vaccination programme.

NHS will never ask for payment – the vaccination is free.
NHS will never ask for your bank details.
NHS will never arrive unannounced at your home to give you the vaccination.
NHS will never ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents like your passport.

Beware fraudulent texts/phone calls/ websites/ callers at your home.

Covid 19

As you know we are all still in lockdown 3.  Basically, stay at home.

In the 7 days to 9 January Alsager has a mixed picture, Alsager East worse than Alsager West.  But there are still new cases everywhere. Here are the figures:

Alsager East – 27 new cases, up 12 (80%), rolling rate 413 (was 275 week to 3 January)
Alsager West – 16 new cases, down 4 (-20%), rolling rate 281 (was 352 week to 3 January)
Cheshire East – rolling rate 409 (was 472)
England – rolling rate 622 (was 626)

See map  here.

Alsager Paint and Paper

This story was posted on Facebook and illustrates the importance of supporting local businesses.  Massive well done to Lisa and Alsager Paint and Paper (and to the person posting this so we all know).

People of Alsager, please read and pass onto your friends.

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Lisa and Alsager paint and paper.

Our fuse box blew and we had no lights (and when the shed was searched I had a realisation that we had no 5amp fuse wire) meant a telephone call to ask if they were open and stocked it. They were shut due to reduced hours down to Covid. However the lady who owns the store (who I found out tonight is Lisa) has told me she would travel back to the shop and reopen so I could replace the fuse tonight (to allow me to buy fuse wire at £1.20). Within 15 minutes she had returned to store, reopened and sold me the wire.

This is what local business is all about and this is why we need to support them (and not just through the pandemic). This wasn't done for any other reason but that she didn't want us to have no lights tonight. Please, please, please support this and other local businesses otherwise we will be seeing more and more posts about how we miss this store or that store and the fabulous service they provide. 

In the comments someone else said:  It's our go to shop for DIY now, they've had everything we've needed from unusual battery sizes to clear exterior varnish and expanding foam. Plus friendly service. Much better than trekking to B&Q.

Access to Alsager Library

Cheshire East Council is launching a new order and collect service to encourage people to continue using library services in Alsager and other towns during lockdown.

While the authority's digital services are also available to access reading and information, the new Covid-safe order and collect service provides an alternative for those who prefer a physical book to maintain their positive mental health and wellbeing.

To use the order and collect service, simply

  • call or email your local library and say which subject you are interested in
  • provide a library card number and contact details
  • give a brief description of the books, providing authors and genres if they know them
  • arrange a suitable collection time with the librarian

Residents can ask for eight titles upon each request and can use the service as many times as they want.

Policing priorities

Cheshire's police and crime commissioner is asking residents what their policing and community safety priorities are as part of a new consultation.  They are also proposing an increase in the council tax police precept of £1.25 per month (£15 a year) to address increasing pressures on the budget.

You can access the consultation survey  here.   The consultation closes at midnight on Sunday 24 January.

Drones, drugs and cash

Homes in Crewe and Alsager have been raided as part of a police probe into the supply of drugs to a Cheshire prison.  Four drones were seized while the warrants were being executed along with drugs and cash.  A police spokesperson said: "On Wednesday 13 January police conducted five warrants at addresses in Crewe and Alsager as part of an investigation into the supply of drugs to HMP Risley."  Two men were arrested in Alsager.

Sarah Anderson

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