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Local News 47

volunteering 202021

Volunteers week 1-7 June

Alsager Community Support have released this graphic showing the level of local volunteering.  Many thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way.

We have just been notified that 5 June was the final vaccination session at the 13 Club, and thanks from Bev Price, the NHS Coordinator, to everyone who contributed to its success.


Bianca is back outside Asda selling the Big Issue on Fridays and Saturdays.  She is lovely, has two young children to support, and has to travel from Manchester to her allocated venue.  Do try to help her.

Alsager Music Festival

Fewer than 100 adult tickets remaining in the first wave.  Once acts are announced another tranche of tickets will be available.

Another collapsed sink hole

With thanks to Alsager Nub News

The four-way traffic lights at Bank Corner are the result of another collapsed sink hole on Crewe Road.  This has been caused by a problem with a connection of a United Utilities sewer line.  UU will be attending the site "in due course" to carry out repairs.

Alsager Town Council

With thanks to Alsager Nub News

The Town Council has recently been beset with internal arguments and recriminations, including the resignation of two Labour councillors.  The new Chair of the Town Council, Labour's Michael Unett, is hoping to draw a line and move on from this.  He has said:  "It will be my hope and determination that we move forward, find common ground and where there are differences, debate with civility and come to decisions in the best interests of our residents.  That is what we must do, that is what the people of Alsager elected us to do."

Alsager Nub News

Alsager Nub News is looking for people to be a local voice for Alsager.  This is what they say.

We have established ourselves as your go-to place for informed stories. Our coverage embraces all aspects of our community, from articles showcasing local businesses, the public realm plans for Alsager town centre and sport, including AFC Alsager.

This close focus on the town lends us the unique opportunity to give its residents a voice.  Now we want to deepen our relationship with you, our readers, by giving you the opportunity to be the Nub Voice of Alsager.

We are looking for local people who care about Alsager's future and are willing to share their opinions on the local and national issues affecting our town.  If you volunteer to become part of Alsager Nub Voice, you can expect us to contact you every couple of weeks asking your opinion on the burning questions that affect our town.

What do you think of the easing of lockdown restrictions? Are you concerned about Covid variants? And locally, how do you feel about the active travel measure being scrapped in the town?

We won't swamp you with lots of questions – just a single-word yes/no answer to maybe a short sentence.  Your thoughts will be included anonymously in an article offering a snapshot of local points of view.

Whether you are a local business owner, sports club volunteer, photographer, town councillor or just a community-minded resident, we are here to represent you and want to hear from you.  With the help of your input, Alsager Nub News can aspire to be the pulse, the voice and the heart of the community.

In time, we hope that this voice will echo across the country as we strive to make it heard in the corridors of government.

Last year the government launched a 'levelling up' taskforce aimed at reducing regional inequalities and reprogramming our London-centric economy and media industry.  We want to contribute to this agenda by giving visibility to voices from beyond the M25 and providing news reports which are not centred on the South East.  We strongly believe that government and power need to hear from towns like Alsager, and with your help, we can show that communities like ours really do matter.

Click  here  to sign up.

Footpath crossing review

Network Rail is carrying out a safety review of the footpath railway crossing North of the Hall which is located on footpath FP8 near to Christopher Mitford Road in Alsager (off the rear of Hall Drive).  They are looking at safety improvements, including the option of closing the crossing, and want to speak to crossing users and local people to understand the impact of any changes.  There will be a virtual drop-in event on Thursday 10 June, 4-7 pm, explaining the proposals and with an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments.  If you would like to attend please email quoting North of the Hall crossing, and providing full name and contact details.

Covid 19 – numbers up

A significant increase in Cheshire East and England this week, so please still be vigilant.

Because of the growing number of cases in the surrounding area, Alsager School is reintroducing the requirement to wear face masks in school, as a precaution.  There have not recently been any cases detected in school, and certainly not the delta variant yet.

In the 7 days to 29 May there have been fewer than 3 cases in Alsager West (suppressed) and 4 cases in Alsager East (rolling rate 61).  Cheshire East rolling rate is 50 (15 last week), England is 32 (24 last week).  

See map  here.

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