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Local News 54

44 Crewe Road

With thanks to Alsager Nub News

In Local News 48 I reported that a planning application had been submitted for this property to open The Bod Café Bar. This has now been approved by Cheshire East, though Alsager Town Council objected because they felt plans were out of character for the area.

The company, Titanic, originate from Stoke-on-Trent and operate a number of café bars on the same premise as is proposed for 44, Crewe Road, including Stafford, Stoke Station and Trentham. These units operate as a community facility and café bar throughout the day and evening. It is intended that the Alsager premises would operate in a similar way.
Built in 1889, the site is on the Cheshire East local list of historic buildings and is described as a 'highly detailed brick building, with a strong street presence'.

Plans for a ramped access, external dining area to the front, lightweight side extension, internal alterations and external storage areas were included in the proposals. The case officer concluded: "The proposed development is considered to be of acceptable design, in keeping with the character of the area, and would not adversely impact upon the amenities of neighbours."

Town Council elections in Alsager East ward

Results of the election held on 29 July are as follows:

Brian Drake (Labour) 279
Amelia Helliwell (Conservative) 476 Elected
Lindsay Horne (Labour) 249
Reg Kain (Liberal Democrats) 228
Richard McCarthy (Green) 124
Rosie Redstone (Conservative) 437 Elected

Turnout was 24.34%.

Burial space in Alsager

With thanks to Alsager Chronicle

In Local News 48 and 49 I reported on proposals for a burial space and crematorium on land opposite The Horseshoe by Cherry Lane. Local residents are now organising to oppose this proposal, holding a meeting at The Horseshoe at 7.00 pm on Monday 2 August.

Director of IvyMay, the company seeking to take forward this proposal, is James Byatt who was born and brought up in the town and been employed as a funeral director in Alsager, so he understands the issues. He says: "For the last three years I've been engrossed in the search for an area of land technically suitable for burials, within easy reach of the town, preferably on foot, in an attractive location and which is available and viable. The parcel of land that is now being considered is the only piece of land that meets the criteria subject to detailed ground investigations. The idea is to develop it into attractive, peaceful, parkland, a naturally built site with a combination of new trees and wildflower and grassed meadow. The funding of the burial ground is still a work in progress but the original hope was that a modern low-level crematorium, invisible to all off-site locations and utilising the most sophisticated technology that produces no fumes, smoke or odours, would provide an ongoing stream of funds to enable the development of a stunning, award-winning parkland burial site."

On Facebook there is a lot of support for the idea.

Pride in Alsager

Posting on Facebook

Here is some more information about the new Pride group which I have reported on previously.

A little about the group and how to join is as below – a welcome addition to our growing and evolving community.

A group of Alsager residents who form part of the LGBTQI+ community and allies formed a group at a meeting in Radway Club on the 27th of June 2021. The group will be run by the LGBTQI+ community and allies to meet the needs of the LGBTQI+ community in the local area. Members of the group passed a constitution, and a committee was formed.

The mission statement of Pride in Alsager is:

  • The provision and support of information to the LGBTQI+ community in Alsager and
  • surrounding area.
  • Promotion of anti-discriminatory practice in provision of health, education and local services to the LGBTQI+ community.
  • Regular auditing and monitoring of local services to create an environment that reduces isolation, distress and increases inclusivity and representation of the LGBTQI+ community.
  • Identify and listen to the needs of the local LGBTQI+ community regardless of whether they are open about their gender/sexual orientation and work together to meet those needs.
  • Raising awareness and campaigning for Equal LGBTQI+ rights. (eg banning conversion therapy)

Our current priorities are:

  • Reaching out to the LGBTQI+ community in Alsager and surrounding areas.
  • Working on a survey to identify key demographics, experience of services and needs of the LGBTQI+ community in Alsager and surrounding areas.
  • Organising a LGBTQI+ Pride event.

Local policing

With thanks to Alsager Chronicle

Cheshire's police and crime commissioner, John Dwyer, has set out his proposed priorities for policing and community safety in Cheshire. Key priorities from now until 2024 are to prevent and tackle crime, make Cheshire's roads safer, deliver justice for victims of crime, protect vulnerable people, improve public confidence in policing and modernise the police force. The plan also includes a commitment to take police officer numbers in Cheshire to 2,345 and to continue to invest in neighbourhood policing to ensure there was a visible policing presence in all local communities.

You can read the plan  here, and also access the consultation survey which closes on 15 August.

Cheshire Pensions Fund

With thanks to Alsager Chronicle (letters)

Cheshire Pensions Fund members are concerned at the high level of investment of their funds in areas such as fossil fuel, gaming and gambling, Rio Tinto, tobacco, mining, and arms. The members forum is campaigning to use the £6.55bn fund for more beneficial areas such as Net Zero, green energy, low-cost housing, IT infrastructure and support for local businesses where possible.

If you are a member of CPF then you may wish to support this campaign and join the members forum which you can do  here.

Cheshire East Covid precautions

CHESHIRE East Council is urging all its councillors to take a Covid-19 test before attending any committee meeting. The council has started posting reminders on the top of committee agendas spelling out the importance of taking lateral flow tests before attending meetings in person.

Covid 19

Following the national trend local numbers of cases have started to reduce but the local rolling rate is still much higher than the rates for England and for Cheshire East.

For the 7 days to 24 July:

Alsager East – 33 new cases, down 7, rolling rate 505 (597 last week)
Alsager West – 31 new cases, down 32, rolling rate 546 (1092 last week)

Cheshire East rolling rate is 354 (491 last week), England is 374 (529 last week). So Alsager is still way above the average.

See map  here.

Sarah Anderson

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