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March 2020 Newsletter


A warm welcome to our March EMAIL Newsletter – key topic is the Coronavirus: exciting news is our new web site being created, and finally our need for volunteers with appropriate skills to keep the society running when officers retire or current helpers are not available.


The U3A Trust up to date advice, based on Government advice , will be circulate via EMAIL and the committee will act on it. The latest advice (dated 3 March 2020) is attached. Could Leaders please pass this information on to their members who do not have EMAIL.

Main information: Follow Government advice if travelling from abroad: wash hands, avoid touching face with hands & cover mouth & nose when sneezing or coughing.

Please notify any cases to Committee – and group leaders please see U3A advice.

New Web site coming

Our Technology Group are preparing a new Web Site for Alsager U3A. The current website has served us well, but is using old technology. New technology will give new facilities and make it much easier to keep up to date.

When the new web site is launched (hopefully in April) it will provide the facilities and links that our current site has, but with a modern layout putting buttons and controls in different places on your screen – details in the next Newsletter.

We aim to provide – via the front page – current news and groups information, and to provide holiday and trip information and to include news and photographs from around the U3A.

Planning to keep the society running

Running the society and keeping it going is one of the key jobs of the committee: undertaken day by day by our marvellous helpers and officials. However we have to plan for the time when these helpers retire, or are unavailable maybe at short notice. To encourage members to offer to help means having roles that members are happy to fill, with "understudies" to cover the unexpected.

Committee are reviewing current roles, and are looking to see where tasks can be spread out to avoid heavy loads on key officials. To ensure continuity also means having "understudies" able to perform key roles – with access to key data when the need arrives. Our U3A uses a secure Internet based file store and applications that conform to GDPR and are accessed from any Web Browser. So we are looking for members with appropriate skills or knowledge to help in running the society.

Roles where we need help by the next AGM are Membership Secretary and Business Secretary, and we would like to find a Deputy Treasurer and a Vice Chair to shadow roles for a year with a view to being appointed the following AGM. If anyone feels they may be able to help or wants more information, please contact me: if anyone would like to see how the committee operates, we would be happy for you to come to one of our meetings – again please contact me.

Groups & Activities – A New Group News sheet circulated for information

Our group coordinators are now circulating a "group news", sheet as there are several groups with spaces.

Without new members some of these groups may have to close: so don't leave it too late to act

With Best Wishes to all our members Roger Poole

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