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The News Page – Keeping in Touch


As with many websites, most of the pages on ours are fairly fixed, not changed very often – except the News Page. This is where we can add items, take them away, or alter them, to reflect circumstances. It is the hub of the website, the go-to page for members to get news about our U3A. The term 'News' is used loosely, to include information, photographs and items of interest about the things our members are doing. It is there for leaders to give up-to-date information about their groups, and for members to recount or send photos about their activities, views and experiences. This is the members' page and we will largely be relying on you, the members, to supply us with items, no matter how short.

One thing needs to be mentioned. Although when members enrol or renew their membership, they agree (if they read the back page of the form) to take responsibility for deciding whether they want to be included in activity group photographs or not. Things have changed now. Such photos could end up on our website – which is an open site, not confined to Alsager U3A members. It is possible that some people would not want their pictures or names to figure on the internet. So any submissions to the website must ensure that their wishes are sought and followed.

It is very easy to submit an item – just email it, with photographs if any, to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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