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The U3A, It's Not What You Think

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Alright, now I've got your attention! Maybe you've heard the name before. Maybe you know someone (or you know someone, who knows someone else) who's a member. Or perhaps you've been close to making enquiries yourself. Then thought better of it. I wonder ...

Don't worry, if you're scratching your head, I'm sure you're not the only one. Did you know, there's a really useful website, jam packed with information. And a short snappy description too, which goes like this:

"u3a is a UK-wide movement which brings together people, who are no longer in full-time employment, to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment."

If you want to check out the website, click here

But what does all that actually mean? No problem, let's break it down.

u3a is a UK-wide movement
That's right, anywhere and everywhere! And if you live in the Alsager area, it's sitting right on your doorstep. Really? Yes, really!

which brings together people,
Would you like to spend time, with people you know? Or make friends, with people you don't? Alsager U3A can help you do that, in a safe and relaxed setting.

who are no longer in full-time employment,
This is NOT just a pensioners' club. This is an active social group for older people, who don't have full-time job or caring responsibilities anymore. Still working part-time, or enjoying full retirement? If you've got time on your hands, Alsager U3A can help you fill it.

to develop their interests
Do you have a secret hobby? Or a hidden talent, perhaps? Then why dabble alone, when you can enjoy it with others! Alsager U3A has over 900 members on the books – you couldn't find yourself in better company.

and continue their learning
This is NOT a university of academia, that's full of super clever people who are studying super boring things. This is a university of life, it's cliché but true. With interest groups to help you stay active, both physically and mentally, you'll be spoilt for choice (even more so, when the social distancing is relaxed). Best of all: it's run by the members, for the members. We learn from each other. So if you didn't like school, that's ok. Because Alsager U3A does it differently.

in a friendly and informal environment.
Would you like to share your interests, with likeminded people? Would you like to keep up your hobbies, but keep down your costs? Would you like to spend less time on traveling, and more time on enjoying? Then Alsager U3A could be the answer.

Now you know, what it's all about – SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

And next time, I'll tell you about another of our interest groups, that's embraced the Zoom revolution. Now where did I put those notes ...


PS. If you like what you see, share it with a friend – thank you!

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